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50 Tesla Cars for Teams – A New Parimatch Tech Project


50 company employees will receive a brand new electric car, and in three years, they will be able to register them in their own name.

Parimatch Tech continues to improve the working conditions for its teams. A recent initiative is the transfer of 50 branded Tesla Model 3 Long Range for everyday use.

The best brands attract the best. Nowadays, Tesla leaves no one indifferent - it is a bold, technological and innovative company. It breaks stereotypes and writes new history. Parimatch Tech adheres to the same principles.

Roman Sirotyan, co-CEO of Parimatch Tech
Meet our new branded Tesla in the streets of Kyiv!

The cars will be awarded to specialists with more than three years’ driving experience who have worked within the company for at least a year. Seventy team members took part in the program: the first 50 applications were approved at the first stage, with the rest on a waiting list.

Under the program, 75% of running expenses are borne by Parimatch Tech and 25% by the participant. The company also covers other services, including insurance, maintenance, resolving disputes, and more. In three years, employees who want to will be able to pay the car’s residual value and register it as their own, acquiring the electric car for less than a third of the original price. Employees who don’t wish to take advantage of the offer can continue to use a vehicle within the current terms and conditions.

Program participants are now becoming real ambassadors of our brand. It is more than trust on our part, and it is a demonstration of what our people mean to us. As they are cruising around on the road, they will reflect the idea of our brand - equally bright, dynamic, and eye-catching. I am sure that absolutely everyone will benefit from this initiative.

Maksym Lyashko, co-CEO of Parimatch Tech

In addition to cars, Parimatch Tech will also develop an urban infrastructure for electric vehicles, including four new charging stations operating near BC Summit.

It was important for us that the car had a minimal impact on the environment. The choice fell on an electric car. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range with two electric motors can travel up to 568 km without recharging – that’s 48 km further than previous models. This year, Tesla stated that the old batteries are already being recycled. We are confident that courage, technology, and drive are perfectly combined with responsible driving and minimal impact on the environment.

Tatiana Davydova, Chief Talent Officer at Parimatch Tech

Benefit Cafeteria—where everyone can find more than 15 services to choose from—has been operating in the company for more than six months. The Tesla project is a new level, a Michelin-starred benefit restaurant. Here everything is “turnkey.” In addition to the car, we provide full service: maximum insurance coverage, in particular, in Europe, warranty service at licensed stations, replacement of cabin filters, a set of winter tires, tire storage, and other pleasant extra services. A minimum of worries and maximum pleasure from driving a brand new European Tesla.

Olga Shcherbina, Center of Expertise Head at Parimatch Tech

Parimatch Tech develops technological and marketing solutions in the gaming and entertainment industry with R&D centers in various countries. Team members can work in the office or remotely, choose benefits for themselves—sports, health, and more—to develop professionally and personally through corporate programs and the community.

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