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C# Automation Course


Months of education:
* The program provides the possibility of additional classes on Saturday, the final schedule will be sent to the applicants, who get enrolled in the program.

Course description

This course is designed for participants who want to work with the automated testing direction using C# and .NET Platform. During the course, you will learn the main approaches of testing web applications, as well as get a practical vision of real projects during the course (since throughout the course, practical tasks and projects will be performed as close as possible to real practice). 

You will also study the full cycle of the automation process, including feasibility assessment, writing test cases, preparing a framework, implementing autotests, and automating their launch. An optimized, intensive course with a huge amount of hands-on exercises will allow you to quickly master the basic skills required to apply software testing.


Throughout the education process, students will work with individual projects that cover the material studied during the course, which allows them to consolidate the knowledge gained in practice.

The final stage of the C# Automation course - final project development. You will be able to comprehensively collect all the knowledge gained during the course and apply it in practice using real cases and working in a real team.

All cases include solving a real problem using the knowledge and experience you have acquired during the training. In addition, the final project will allow your mentors and colleagues to validate and approve your knowledge.


During the educational process, students will complete homework and projects. Based on this, experts will assess students' practical skills and knowledge, as well as the level of individual work.

The results of the final project will be evaluated by mentors, they will conduct a comprehensive assessment of approaches and artifacts.


Dmytro Merezhko
Dmytro Merezhko
Lead QA Automation Engineer
Mykola Panasiuk
Mykola Panasiuk
QA Tech Lead
Oleh Remishevskyi
Oleh Remishevskyi
QA Automation Engineer
Illia Maier
Illia Maier
Team Lead
Dmytro Maximov
Dmytro Maximov
Team Lead .NET
Yana Sukharieva
Yana Sukharieva
Middle Automation QA Engineer



  • Git introduction
  • Git Flow
  • Work with remote repositories

С# Basics

  • .NET Platform, IDE
  • Program Structure/Frameworks/Libraries/Interfaces/Classes/Structures/Methods/Properties
  • Data types, sets (arrays), explicit/implicit transformations, Stack v/s Heap Memory
  • Arithmetic and other operators
  • Selection and Loop statements
  • Algorithms and Complexity evaluation
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Collections
  • Code style


  • Exceptions
  • CLR, DLR, GC, Disposable pattern
  • Generic, Delegates, Events, Covariance, Contravariance
  • LINQ
  • Metadata


  • Basic Docker commands
  • Dockerfile and Docker-Compose
  • Docker drivers (storage / network / logging)
  • Private Docker registry


  • ASP.NET Generic Host
  • ASP.NET Routing, REST
  • ASP.NET Controllers
  • ASP.NET Swagger


  • OSI


  • SQL, PgSQL
  • MongoDb, Redis, Elasticsearch

Automation testing

  • Introduction into Quality Assurance
  • QA/AQA: concepts, principles, approaches
  • General Flow
  • Testing methodology and frameworks


  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Microservices vs Monolith
  • SOLID principles

Back-end Testing

  • HTTP
  • Setup initial testing framework
  • Advanced test framework features

C# frameworks for automation testing

  • Nunit, Xunit, 
  • MSTest, SpecFlow
  • TDD, BDD

Mocks and stubs

  • WireMock
  • ASP.NET mock
Enrollment closed
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