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JavaScript Course


Duration of paid internship (5 days/week, 8 hours/day):
2.5 months
* The program provides the possibility of additional classes on Saturday and Tuesday, the final schedule will be sent to the applicants, who get enrolled in said program.

Course description

The JavaScript course is designed for people who want to work with client applications and with one of the most popular programming languages ​​- JavaScript. The program includes not only the technologies such as HTML, CSS but also an in-depth study of front-end applications based on JavaScript using the React.js and Redux libraries.

This course will allow you to gain knowledge and experience in developing client-side, platform-independent solutions that significantly add value to your web application, providing interactivity and user interest. You will learn how to use JavaScript to communicate with users, how to work with the Document Object Model (DOM), manage data flows, and many more.


Throughout the education process, students will work with individual projects that cover the material studied during the course, which allows them to consolidate the knowledge gained in practice.

The final stage of the JavaScript course - final project development. You will be able to comprehensively collect all the knowledge gained during the course and apply it in practice using real cases and working in a real team.

All cases include solving a real problem using the knowledge and experience you have acquired during the training. In addition, the final project will allow your mentors and colleagues to validate and approve your knowledge.


During the educational process, students will complete homework and projects. Based on this, experts will assess students' practical skills and knowledge, as well as the level of individual work.

The results of the final project will be evaluated by mentors, they will conduct a comprehensive assessment of approaches and artifacts.


Andrii Halich
Andrii Halich
Dmytro Ostapenko
Dmytro Ostapenko
Kyrylo Aistrakhanov
Kyrylo Aistrakhanov
Vasyl Koval
Vasyl Koval
Front-end Developer
Vasyl Korchynskyi
Vasyl Korchynskyi
Middle Front-End Developer
Vira Huskova
Vira Huskova
Learning Experience Design Architect

Course structure


  • Git introduction
  • Git Flow
  • Work with remote repositories

HTML Basic

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Front-end basics. HTML/CSS/JS Overview
  • Elements and Structure, Semantic HTML

CSS Basic

  • CSS basics
  • Units in CSS, Resetting styles
  • Box model
  • Pseudo-classes, Pseudo-elements
  • Position property
  • Flexbox, Grid
  • CSS preprocessors
  • Adaptive design, Mobile first

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • JavaScript standards
  • Data types and variables
  • JavaScript operators
  • Cycles, Functions
  • Constructor functions, Closure
  • Regular expressions

OOP in JavaScript

  • Working with ES6 classes
  • Error processing
  • Prototype inheritance

Working with HTML

  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • DOM nodeType
  • Data Attributes
  • Searching for items in the DOM tree

JavaScript Testing

  • Testing JavaScript Code
  • React component testing

Working with Advanced Functions

  • Residual parameters and spread operator
  • This context functions
  • Decorators and call forwarding, call/apply
  • Binding a context to a function
  • Context in arrow functions
  • LocalStorage/sessionStorage/cookies

Asynchronous JS

  • Callbacks and Promises
  • Event Loop
  • Events
  • Scheduling: setTimeout and setInterval
  • Axios


  • ES6 introduction
  • ES6 modules

React.js + Redux

  • Basic concepts about React
  • Component status
  • props, PropTypes
  • Refs, Hooks, SPA


  • Flux architecture
  • Sample data from the state and Interaction of components with the page
  • Redux-Devtool
  • Using hooks in Redux
  • Memosed selectors

Advanced React.js

  • Advanced hooks
  • Performance optimization
  • Working with the server
  • Patterns, application architecture

What do
students get

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and the JavaScript programming language
  • Understanding of the client-server architecture in the context of web-app development
  • js and Redux knowledge
  • The ability to develop a website, a web-interface and a web-application
  • The ability to understand other people’s code while understanding how it works
  • Teamwork skills
Enrollment closed
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