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How Parimatch ambassadors help communicate values

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How Parimatch ambassadors help communicate values

Choosing a famous face as a brand ambassador is a big decision for any business. It is crucial that the ambassador embodies the spirit of the brand, living and breathing its values, mission, and purpose. When you get it right, a corporate partnership of this sort can be a win-win for both the ambassador and the brand.

At Parimatch, we work with sporting legends who embody our fighting spirit as brand ambassadors - brash, confident, invincible and brave. Among them are Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor, Artem Lobov, and the Shevchenko sisters. Our brand ambassador activations can be seen across all of our owned channels, a great place to showcase the rich engaging content which these partnerships produce.

Giving local media access to sporting superstars through our ambassador agreements has, in turn, led to increased awareness of the brand amongst media across the globe. When Conor McGregor was recently in Ukraine for a press conference, UFC fans heard the sensational announcement that he planned on returning to the octagon, news which very quickly went viral around the world. At a separate press conference in Kyiv, Mike Tyson shared insights of his personal life and what obstacles he had to fight on the road to success. Together with Parimatch, he also urged players to gamble responsibly.

But we don’t just use our brand ambassadors to interact with media, we also like to tap into their expert knowledge of their sport and position them as betting experts. For example, UFC star Artem Lobov sat alongside Parimatch’s CEO Sergey Portnov at the Betting on Sports conference, where they discussed how bookmakers can be more creative. More recently, UFC fighters the Shevchenko sisters accompanied Parimatch to the WebSummit conference in Lisbon, where they shared leadership lessons and discussed how champions are made.

At Parimatch, we see our brand ambassador partnerships as going beyond just attaching a famous face to our logo. A brand ambassador reflects the culture of a business back to its customers, which is why it is important to use this kind of marketing activity correctly.

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