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Alexander Bykov

Alexander Bykov

VP of Tech Operations

    As VP of Tech Operations, Alexander is responsible for the effective operational performance of the whole company. Alexander oversees the alignment of design strategies with overall corporate strategy and the implementation of efficient processes, standards and technology solutions throughout the organisation.

    As part of this Alexander leads on product and technology risk evaluation and quality assurance efforts, as well as overseeing budget management to maximise cost efficiencies.

    Alexander has a wealth of experience in leadership and management positions. His expertise lies in developing product and corporate strategies, team building and process optimisation.

    At Parimatch, we never stand still. Agility is not only key to survival but to staying one step ahead of the competition at all times. Whether it’s deploying the latest automation technologies or adopting new approaches to collaboration, we are constantly optimising the way we work to boost efficiency as well as creativity.

    At Yandex, one of the largest technology companies in the CIS, Alexander developed and managed a number of high-profile technology projects, including:

    • Health – the biggest telemedicine B2C service provider in Russia, which connects patients with doctors for on-the-go medical advice.
    • Yandex Browser – a freeware web browser, which ranks second in the Runet desktop market.

    In his free time, Alexander programmes and participates in open source projects, including Transmission, Adium and Portaller. His other hobbies include producing electronic music and riding motorcycles.