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Andrii Suslenko

Andrii Suslenko

Chief Communications Officer

Andrii has successfully developed and built Parimatch’s communications infrastructure. He has positively shaped the company’s reputation externally to key stakeholder audiences across the Holding, in conjunction with building relationships with individual beneficiaries and management through media engagement, digital channels and event attendance. He has also importantly managed communication channels internally, keeping Parimatch moving as one team.

At Parimatch we value open, transparent and two-way communication above all else to inspire employees, partners and players – which is why we’ve become the trusted global brand that we are today.

said Andrii Suslenko , Chief Communications Officer


In May 2018, Andrii joined Parimatch as the company’s first Chief Communications Officer.

Prior to joining Parimatch, Andrii spent nine years working in jobs organising entertainment events – jobs which honed his management skills. In 2011, he began working as a senior administrator at the Ukrainian television channel STB. In 2012, he then spent two years working as a Disk Jockey and a tour guide. In 2014, Andrii returned to the television industry, this time as a presenter and journalist on Ukraine’s Espreso channel. In 2016, he then moved to a network known as “Fifth Channel”, where he once again worked as a presenter and journalist.

Concurrent with his present role as Chief Communications Officer of Parimatch, Andrii is also presently a radio host and journalist at Kyiv based radio station “The Voice of the Capital”. Moreover, Andrii also works as a communications and public speaking coach and trainer.

Before beginning his professional career, Andrii gained an English Communications diploma from the Bell Language School. He was then awarded an Effective Communications diploma from Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, before enrolling at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” where he was awarded a Master’s degree in Philosophy.

Outside of work, Andrii is interested in psychology, and also likes indulging in good food and wine. Additionally, he enjoys football, squash, Formula 1, TED talks, video games, travelling, cars and good humour.


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