Artur Ashirov

Artur Ashirov

Vice President of Engineering

    As VP of Engineering, Artur builds the company's engineering culture and designs and develops technology platforms. He supervises the work of several departments, develops technical solutions for the B2B business, and monitors the quality of the product’s developed architectures.


    Since he joined Parimatch Tech in 2019, Arthur and his team have built a technological solution that develops the four largest Parimatch Tech products and generates about 50% of the company’s profits.

    After starting as a web developer in 2006, Artur gradually worked his way up the career ladder in different programming languages through junior, middle, senior, lead, and other managerial positions.

    In 2021, Artur became the mentor and curator of Parimatch Tech Academy’s Java + DevOps course. He and his team helped students gain the necessary knowledge to start a career in real projects.


    Artur graduated from the Institute of Applied System Analysis operating in the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” with a degree in computer-aided design systems.


    Artur is fond of music — he plays the guitar and other instruments in a band, and during his travels, he tries to attend open-air festivals. His other hobbies are books and board games with friends. Between skiing and snowboarding, Arthur would choose snowboarding.