Evgen Belousov

Evgen Belousov

Deputy CEO

    As Deputy CEO at Parimatch Tech, Evgen oversees the business development, business performance, tech, and data streams together with the heads of these departments. Evgen focuses his expertise on business diversification — a key to the company’s survival and growth. Evgen works closely with marketing, product, retention, billing, and analytics teams.

    With high levels of growth comes great responsibility. We have a duty to our customers and colleagues to uphold a strategy which has their best interests as top priority.


    After his promotion to Chief Revenue Officer, Evgen combined Parimatch Tech’s global marketing, product and overall business strategies into one revenue stream to set priorities and objectives and develop revenue growth strategies. Furthermore, Evgen was responsible for identifying new market opportunities to support Parimatch Tech’s revenue expansion.

    Evgen has over ten years of experience in different online businesses. He has strong expertise in people management, online payments processing and developing efficient reporting systems for international online projects.


    Before joining Parimatch Tech, Evgen was an independent Business Intelligence Consultant. He has an M.Sc. in Radio Engineering from Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, specializing in computer networks and systems.


    Evgen is a keen traveller and interestingly collects Starbucks cups from the countries and cities he visits. Now he has 58 cups in his collection.