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Ievgeniia Derbal

Ievgeniia Derbal

Chief Legal Officer

Ievgeniia is Chief Legal Officer at Parimatch Tech and is responsible for the coordination of the legal function at Parimatch Holding. Ievgeniia is based at Parimatch Tech's head office in Cyprus and specializes in corporate structuring, tax planning, and building commodity cash flows, all whilst protecting our intellectual property and coordinating with legal teams at local offices to uphold our adherence to the rules and regulations in place across different jurisdictions.

Whilst Parimatch Tech is proud to be daring and different, we don’t push the boundaries when it comes to compliance. We operate a successful international model by keeping in step with regulatory change.


Ievgeniia's expertise is in gambling taxation, intellectual property rights and regulatory compliance. For seven years, she led Konnov and Sozanovsky's tax practice and most recently, was Head of Legal at Media Group FILM.UA, where she built and coordinating a team of 20 lawyers. Ievgeniia has experience in the development of legislative and regulatory acts and has taken part in public councils.


Ievgeniia has diplomas in law and economics from the International Science and Technology University in Kyiv.


A keen sportswoman, Ievgeniia enjoys skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and windsurfing. She loves to travel and spend as much time as possible with her family.