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Maksym Liashko

Maksym Liashko

CEO, Member of Supervisory Board

Maksym Liashko is the CEO and Member of the Supervisory Board at Parimatch Tech. As the CEO, he handles the company’s strategic development, business diversification, and global expansion of the Parimatch brand. Over the years, his experience, and competencies have helped to restructure the business, legally protect the brand’s reputation, build the company’s values, and preserve them in times of crisis.

Our key to success is remaining nimble. Whether it is new technology or shifting legal parameters, we are always poised to adapt and innovate.


Parimatch career Maksym Liashko began in 2016 as the head of the holding legal team. In 2018 Maksym became a partner — his professional experience in law, media relations, and business consultancy has helped him successfully build teams and deliver a comprehensive corporate strategy for the Parimatch brand. As a partner, Maxim has successfully led the restructuring of the legal team that protects Parimatch’s reputation as a responsible betting platform.

Maksym became the CEO of the Parimatch Tech holding in April 2022 — until then, the company had a management system with two co-CEOs. In the co-CEO model, he was responsible for the company’s financial, legal, communication and administrative activities.

He has over 15 years of experience in M&A, competitive law, tax optimisation, international jurisdiction, legal and business consultancy, and working with online businesses. His expertise lies in management, representing groups of entities, approving decisions, corporate governance, and conducting the legal restructuring of assets. 


Maksym holds a BS degree in law, a Specialist degree in Business Relations, and a master’s degree in Intellectual Property.


Skiing and hiking enjoyer. Since relocating to HQ in Cyprus, he has found a new hobby—water sports.