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Rostyslav Maikovych

Rostyslav Maikovych

Chief Data Officer

Rostyslav is Chief Data Officer at Parimatch and has been in this role since 2018. His primary responsibilities include business intelligence, customer data analytics and retention activities. During his tenure, he has also been involved in new CRM system adoption, strategic initiatives coordination and project management.

At Parimatch, Rostyslav implemented a new reporting system and has created a number of predictive models which have facilitated personalized communications with customers.

Data is king – and lies at the centre of everything we do as a tech-driven business. We are constantly harnessing data-powered insights to enhance our processes and products.

said Rostyslav Maikovych , Chief Data Officer


Prior to joining Parimatch, Rostyslav worked in a role which entailed tracing bank fraud. After that, he moved to Deloitte where he worked with investment banks on projects, re-organisations and presentations. In 2013, he created a mobile bank startup. Additionally, Rostyslav worked as a Business Intelligence Manager, helping to centralise analytics. After that, in 2017, he became a product owner of the Data Warehouse project.

Over his career, Rostyslav has advocated the view that data analytics leads to better customer retention and engagement. The more highly engaged the customer, the more they play, promote and become brand loyal.

Prior to his professional career, Rostyslav studied Economic Theory at Kyiv National Economic University.

Outside of the office, Rostyslav enjoys motorcycle riding and training for marathons.


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