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Sergey Berezhnoy

Sergey Berezhnoy

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, Sergey is responsible for driving product strategy to support sustainable growth, as well as developing a product-centric culture within the company.

Sergey manages all product related activities – leading on product investment across the portfolio and ensuring alignment with marketing, retail, retention, finance and other departments. Sergey recently joined Parimatch, and is focusing on bringing best practice into the organisation, launching a growth team and redefining the process of working with the regions to support platform customization.

We are constantly innovating to improve and expand our product offering every year

Sergey has developed his expertise through over 15 years of creating and leading software development projects and products in Gaming, Finance, Healthcare and Retail. Prior to joining Parimatch, Sergey worked as a product management consultant for software development company, DataArt – where he introduced product management practices and advised a variety of organisations, from startups to blue-chip companies.

Before this, Sergey spent four years at Wargaming, acting as Product Development Director. He was responsible for the development of non-gaming services including monetization, acquisition and socialization.

Sergey is a graduate of the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, where he studied software development,which provided a good foundation for understanding how systems are designed and evolved.

After university, Sergey focused on developing “softer skills” through sociology, communication and people management, in order to complement the systematic approach required for working with computers.

Sergey is a keen squash and basketball player, and is always thinking up newbusiness ideas to see if they can be applied to existing products.