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Tatiana Davydova

Tatiana Davydova

Chief Talent Officer

Tatiana is responsible for talent acquisition, employee engagement and development, promotions, HR policies and procedures. Tatiana is credited for the launch of an employee handbook, aligning all policies and procedures, launching the corporate website, automating recruitment, introducing a bonus policy and a centralized HR Information System.

She has also reviewed and updated policies for onboarding, employee surveys, annual leave and performance evaluation.

Our biggest priority is to remain an employer of choice through promoting a culture that creates an engaged and happy workforce. Our wellbeing and professional development initiatives have been key to building a winning team with industry-leading talent.


Tatiana Davydova joined Parimatch holding as Chief HR Officer in 2019. During her first six months, Tatiana restructured the HR department into distinct units including the center of expertise, the HRBP function and the center of innovation, which focuses on optimization and automation.

Prior to Parimatch holding, Tatiana worked for 15 years as an HR officer in an IT company. In her previous role, Tatiana was Head of Global HR in one of the largest international software development companies for gambling Playtech. She was responsible for approximately 6,500 employees, following the takeover of Snaitech in 2018.


Tatiana has a Master’s degree in Rocket Science, specializing in Power Plants for Spacecraft.


She loves paragliding but unfortunately has had little time to devote to this over the past five years. Her current projects including building a motorboat and a summer house.