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Parimatch running for SBC’s Employer of the Year Award

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Parimatch running for SBC’s Employer of the Year Award

In it to win it: Why Parimatch is in the running for SBC’s Employer of the Year Award

Parimatch is more than just a workplace. We have successfully created a culture where colleagues not only enjoy their jobs but believe in Parimatch’s values and are empowered to improve their professional and personal development. This has been created by focusing on sharing and communicating the values and direction of the business and running an extensive program of an active lifestyle and professional training initiatives.

It’s very exciting to participate in such a nomination. We do not think about recognition and awards in our everyday work, we simply do things to make the people around us happy. Work takes so much attention and time of our lives, so it is vital for us to make the workspace the kind of space everyone would like to return to, to be at and run towards the common goal. Awards are the general recognition and, if you like, the proof of the fact that we are moving in the right direction, that we are doing things that really change the lives of our people for the better.

And we would like to give more and more reasons for our employees to be proud of us!

said Tatiana Davydova, Chief Talent Officer of Parimatch

Parimatch is more than a betting provider for our customers, it is a lifestyle choice

We share that belief as an employer. We aim to make working with Parimatch more than a job, it should be a positive part of an employee’s lifestyle. We strive to ensure that colleagues not only enjoy their jobs but believe in Parimatch’s values and are empowered to improve their professional and personal development so that they can reach their full potential.

Our anonymous internal employee survey conducted in May 2019, completed by over 1600 colleagues, demonstrates that we are doing a lot to develop our desired working culture. The findings show that among the employees, 95.7% are ready to recommend the company as a good employer; 71.8% chose teamwork as a key advantage in the company; 87% received over the last year the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and new professional skills; 81% feel their value for the company and constantly receive recognition of this value; 91.5% share the company values and 81% of employees are ready to act as an ambassador of the company.

Developing a positive workplace culture

Central to our approach is open, transparent and regular communication. Every six months we host PM GO, an internal strategic session, where we gather to discuss recent results, achievements and future plans, inviting our partners and hosting host employee representatives from all countries at large-scale gatherings. Between these bi-annual sessions, Parimatch’s senior management publish vlogs, where they share their latest thoughts and insights with the entire Parimatch workforce.

We recently also launched a work-life balance programme called WR1. A program for employees to improve their skills and develop various spheres of their life through providing an opportunity to experience workshops, lectures and sports activities led by high-quality specialists and coaches.

Work life balance

Our focus on promoting a balanced healthy and social lifestyle doesn’t stop there. The values of a healthy lifestyle, ‘clean living’ are being actively integrated into the everyday life of Parimatch’s employees. These include initiatives such as the PM Running Club for those who are fans of running and jogging, regular hiking in the mountains, yoga and mindfulness workshops, corporate football, volleyball tournaments, bicycle rides and many more.

As part of our employee engagement initiatives, every summer we organize and host the Parimatch Summer Camp for all employees, which includes an obstacle course race and sporting activities.

Investing in our people

Since the start of 2019, we have delivered 1,300 hours of education across 53 unique pieces of training through Parimatch’s Corporate University initiative, including specialized courses on bookmaking, sports, software and language classes.
In everything we do, we strive to demonstrate that Parimatch is more than a workplace, and we are excited to further integrate all new joiners to the team so that they also quickly believe in, and are empowered by, our unique culture.

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