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Parimatch Supports a Clean-Living Lifestyle

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Parimatch Supports a Clean-Living Lifestyle

One of our key corporate values is ‘Clean Living'. This relates to a philosophy as much as it does to a lifestyle. The combination of the two is what regulates a clean attitude to your body, your mind, and the environment.

“Healthy body, healthy mind.

Physical activity is proven to relieve stress and reduce fatigue. Playing sport is an excellent tool to develop both your physical and mental wellbeing, by encouraging patience, zeal, discipline, self-control, the will to win and teamwork. Parimatch has a real love of sports, and has created internal sports clubs for football, hockey, volleyball, running, and boxing teams amongst employees. We also hold an annual sporting extravaganza, the Summer Camp, where all employees take part in a hurdle race.The staff kitchens in our offices offer a choice of healthy snacks like fruit and nuts, and balanced meals are always on the lunchtime menu. Nutrition is an important part of a clean-living lifestyle.

"If you can’t look after yourself, you can’t take care of others."

Finding calm amongst the chaos of big projects and tight deadlines is a true challenge. Resilience and self-control are two qualities that can help to find serenity even in the most stressful situations. Effective managers are those that can keep a cool head, calmly communicate with their teams and stop their stress from rubbing off on other people. This is corporate culture upon which Parimatch is built. We hold lectures and workshops on the development of communication skills, life balance, and provide yoga and meditation classes run by psychology coaches and professionals.

"A person's attitude to the environment is the man himself."

The problem posed by climate change is a global crisis. Parimatch employees are also concerned about ecological issues and uphold the value of
"Clean Living" by reducing plastic consumption. All company offices have stopped using disposable glasses, and have implemented an effective recycling system to improve waste management. We also run informative internal workshops on environmental awareness.

So, Clean Living encompasses several aspects of how we act within our business and how we treat the world around us. We believe that this philosophy and lifestyle is protects the wellbeing of our employees, making Parimatch a great place to work.

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