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Parimatch Tech Helps Ukraine Withstand the Russian Invasion. You Could Help Too.

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The Parimatch brand was born in Ukraine. It is our homeland—many of our employees and their families live here. Our main R&D centre is located here, our partners operate here, and we develop our sustainable development programmes here, in Ukraine. 

Since the first day of the war, we have been trying to help our native country to defend its freedom. And we encourage you to join us and support Ukraine too.

We have always been proud of the Ukrainian roots of our company, and in these difficult times, we are even more overwhelmed by love for our native country. We strongly condemn the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and try to do everything possible to help our homeland.

Roman Syrotian, Member of the Supervisory Board at Parimatch Tech.

How to Support Ukraine

Ukraine needs both financial and information assistance. Donating to a charitable organisation, supporting a peaceful protest, or just reposting on social networks about the crimes of the Russian Federation—every effort, even the slightest, brings Ukraine closer to victory. The victory of good over evil.

Parimatch Foundation continues to raise funds for the purchase of humanitarian aid, support for affected families and the resumption of sports programs for children with disabilities.

Donate to Parimatch Foundation

Also, here are links to the official websites of official Ukrainian fundraisers:

Donate to the Come Back Alive Fund

Donate to Ukraine Armed Forces

Donate to Nova Ukraine

What Parimatch has already done 

Back in February, the Supervisory board of Parimatch Tech holding company decided to withdraw the franchise from Russia. All cooperation with Russia has stopped. The aggressor is completely "unplugged" from the Parimatch software and cannot use the Parimatch brand on any platform or format.

Parimatch Tech doubled its financial assistance to Ukraine in March from UAH 30 million to UAH 60 million—approximately $2 million.

Global Compact Network Ukraine and Local Network Poland, in partnership with Parimatch brand, Jooble and Happy Monday, launched the Give a job for UA project. The initiative aims to help Ukrainian refugees with employment and offers businesses worldwide an opportunity to support Ukraine by hiring them. 

Parimatch Foundation has joined forces with WeHelpUkrainians (formerly Mangalakara Foundation) and prominent British doctors in a new initiative Ukraine Hospitals Appeal, to provide medical aid in Ukraine. The Ukraine Hospitals Appeal coalition aims to raise money and provide medical aid for local hospitals to save Ukrainian kids' lives.

Parimatch brand partners Chelsea, Everton, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Entourage Sport & Entertainment, and others have been aiding Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Top football clubs, sports organisations, agencies, businesses, and ambassadors have donated, provided informational support, welcomed refugees, and voiced their solidarity with Ukraine. 

Over the four months of the war in Ukraine, Parimatch Foundation has purchased and distributed over 50 tons of humanitarian help, spending UAH 8.5 million. The number of beneficiaries has surpassed 55 thousand Ukrainians.

In May-June 2022, Parimatch Foundation continued to increase financial assistance and identified several priority areas: psychological rehabilitation of children, sports programme renewal, and work with medical projects and facilities.

By June, the amount of help from Parimatch Tech and our official Ukrainian representative, Parimatch Ukraine, had reached UAH 180 million. The company spent money on ammunition, medicines, clothing, foodstuffs and logistics. Furthermore, funds were spent on humanitarian aid and the needs of the country's defenders.

It is impossible to list all the help and support from our colleagues, friends, partners, and customers in one post. Honestly, despite the amount of work done, every Ukrainian sometimes feels that we could still do better and help even more. That's why we’ll continue our support until Ukraine wins.

Because we believe in Ukraine. And we #StandWithUkraine.

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