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Apart from creating the pleasant, conducive working environment that we love so much at Parimatch, the primary task of the Administrative Department is managing real estate objects, utilities, and office equipment in line with company standards.

Departmental tasks include:

  • Organizing and equipping workplaces
  • Maintaining the office ecosystem: purchasing, repairs, preventive maintenance, and cleaning the premises
  • Creating comfortable workplace conditions with lighting, temperature control, noise reduction, and clean air
  • Catering and communication services
  • Integrating technical solutions with IT Support to organize team workflows
  • Compliance with security measures, together with the security team
  • Supporting company eco-initiatives: sorting, correct disposal, fostering the use of consumables made from recyclable materials.

The team’s business value

The Admin team sees that the company’s processes are running smoothly and that everyone has everything they need to perform their work at the highest level. Thanks to Admin, the office is always a pleasant, comfy place to work, and there’s always something to eat 🙂