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Hear the Voice of Company

Our communications team is the company’s voice, providing color and context to key developments at Parimatch and delivering news effectively to our target audiences. The team has two focuses: external and internal communications.

External communications

External communications include PR support, brand promotion, and positioning of the company as a technological innovator in the entertainment industry. The primary focus of work includes:

  • Building relationships and working with global media and tech blogs
  • Working with social networks
  • Securing Parimatch’s attendance at industry events
  • Ensuring Parimatch is nominated for industry awards and raising the profile of Parimatch’s senior management
  • Positioning senior management as leaders in their field of expertise

Internal communications

Internal communications’ primary purpose is to help colleagues stay on top of what is going on within the company. It involves making sure that employees know about company developments, job vacancies, new projects, events, bonus programs, staff activities, industry news, and organizational changes — the communications department keeps us informed about everything. The department also facilitates communication between Parimatch’s regional representative offices and takes active part in organizing internal information events: corporate sessions, PM GO event, and Town Halls.

The team’s business value

  • Parimatch takes part in the top tier events
  • The company winning industry awards
  • Conferences and main events inviting our senior management as expert speakers
  • Media talking about the brand 
  • Employees have easy access to information about processes and all fresh news in the company