Customer Support Team
Customer Support Team

Customer Support Team

Communication channels

Customer Support is the voice and ears of the company.

The team communicates with clients, explains the score calculation rules, listens in case of client failures, and fulfills his requests.

With a staff of 240, Customer Support is one of our largest teams. Working 24/7, serving customers through 8 communication channels, and speaking 7 languages, the team has 4 departments:

Incoming line

Support staff responds to customers on the hotline and chat. They also answer emails and do everything they can to get the right specialists to answer clients’ questions. If incoming-line specialists need any help or advice, supervisors are close at hand.  Supervisors help resolve customer issues, review the performance of operators in their group, test the operators’ knowledge before hiring, and provide constructive feedback to improve performance.

Sales department

Our sales guys encourage existing customers to keep on playing and attract new users with special promotions and offers. The same team handles the entire Parimatch customer base.

The SMM department

SMM interacts with clients in messengers, on social networks, and forums. The department balances friendly communication with a working tone, whether responding to questions and complaints or supporting players in moments of mental anxiety.

Quality control and training department

The department recruits and interviews personnel, provides interns with initial training and training on new products, creates manuals, monitors the work of operators, and takes any action necessary to enhance working conditions.

The support team also includes analytics both for customer requests and for generating ideas to optimize the site. After all, when it comes to customers’ true feelings about the platform, quality of services, and operations in general, our support specialists are often the first to know!

Team members wishing to propose ideas for improving the way they work, know that all suggestions will certainly be considered. A lively debate is essential for maximizing success in training, corporate events, team building, and all the other things that contribute to our unique team spirit.