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IT Ops Excellence

IT Ops Excellence

Site Reliability Engineering
IT Security
IT & Service Support

Stability, Reliability, and Security

By safely implementing the appropriate coding, IT Ops spearheads our mission to oust outdated methods with the benefits of automation. In its constant search for innovative, cost-effective, functional solutions, IT Ops continues to solve whatever IT challenges come our way – big or small.

IT Ops Excellence

  • Has research in the blood – constant PoC and internal RnD are integral to the team’s agenda
  • Are technology evangelists – keep the entire company up to date
  • Is one of the fastest-growing teams – doubled in a year!
  • Develop and grow together – all management roles are appointed internally
  • Are in constant Highload – both in services and parties
  • Are ready for all things IT

IT Ops have their very own motto

  • We want to help – and help we will
  • We’re as reliable as steel
  • If you expect a good result – you’ll get it magnified tenfold
  • We simplify and make life better
  • For that, we always teach and learn