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IT Ops Excellence

IT Ops Excellence

Site Reliability Engineering
IT Security
IT & Service Support

Stability, Reliability, and Security as a Rule

This team ensures that our coding is accurate and reliable, and implemented in a controlled and safe manner. They spearhead our mission to leverage the full benefits of automation to replace outdated methods. The team is constantly looking for new, cost-effective functional solutions. IT Ops solves any of the IT challenges we come across – big or small.

IT Ops Excellence:

  • Has research in the blood — constant PoC and internal RnD as integral parts of the team’s agenda
  • Are technology evangelists — keep the entire company up to date
  • Is one of the fastest-growing teams — doubled in a year!
  • Develop and grow together — all management roles have been appointed internally
  • Are in constant Highload — both in services and in parties
  • Are ready for all IT things  🙂

IT Ops have their own motto:

We want to help – and help we will
We’re as reliable as steel
If you expect a good result – you’ll get it magnified tenfold
We simplify and make life better
For that, we always teach and learn