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Mobile applications

Product Platform Stream has three teams

Accounts & Payments is the core of the product: a module for processing transactions (bets, payments, deposits), wagering, authorization and verification, tax payments, Responsible gambling, user profile, and back-office.

In-App Communications — the team is responsible for navigation within the product, for its information architecture, search and segmentation, and delivery of personalized content through the notification center and placements in the product.

Platform Technology — the team is responsible for setting up and launching brands, CMS, and native apps as a channel for integrating product features.

Stream priorities:

Work for two types of users

The first type of users are clients who need to be provided with an engaging, relevant product so that they want to use it over and over again. In this aspect, you need to remove all unnecessary friction and inconvenience of interaction and develop sensitivity — offering exactly what the player needs at his life cycle stage and according to his interests.

The second type of user is our colleagues: operations managers, support, partner managers, product managers, and QA. 

Tasks prioritization 

The area is so dynamic that the ability to prioritize a to-do list properly becomes critical.

Speed of decision-making and solution implementation

Sometimes to keep up with the market, and sometimes to overtake it: we are talking about the speed of feature delivery, data analysis, and the development of a data-driven mindset.


Develop our unique approaches to users, building up from competitors operating on the market longer than we do.