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Parimatch VIP service, or how to bend the rules to help your clients  

As soon as clients receive VIP status, the service they get goes to a new level. The team analyzes each client’s game and builds processes for timely response to their needs. The VIP manager knows when to cheer clients on with a bonus and take the edge off by occasionally slowing down. Clients feel more secure with this approach, confident that the VIP manager is acting as a friend who’s always on their side.

Apart from individual communication with clients, the team develops new projects to improve the service while conducting regular research and surveys: the team implements only the projects that VIP clients need.

With Parimatch VIP status, clients always get more than their competitors. From individual management of company services and assistance in various situations to implementation of their wishes for the product, personal increase in limits, and the provision of exclusive loyalty programs and bonuses. Bringing winnings in cash to the house, delivering flowers to mom, planning a trip to Disneyland for the whole family, or going with a group of friends to Barcelona to see El Clásico — these are just a tiny part of what our VIP team organizes for clients.

Basic principles of VIP service at Parimatch:

  • Complete confidentiality — we store all our clients’ data securely 
  • Fast payout of big wins — faster than opening a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion
  • Exclusive access to the world of sports — where nothing is impossible
  • Bonuses that are always higher than those of many competitors
  • Private parties that the press knows nothing about
  • Friendship, based on a love of passion and a fair