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They Know the True Meaning of VIP Service

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty drive the work of our most client-oriented team: VIP Client Services. Team members gladly go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied. From facilitating instant payments and responding to clients’ specific requests to bonus crediting, from finding individual promotional events to clarifying the company’s rules. The team is here to support and engage with any feedback our customers care to send.

VIP Client Services develop and launch unique service solutions such as loyalty programs and different ways for to customers celebrate special occasions like birthdays and national holidays. The team also organizes VIP events and coordinates every aspect of customer support.

Team projects include

  • Developing an exclusive VIP loyalty program
  • Launching a unique concierge service
  • Activating the “Your Mate” project: VIP support, when a personal manager acts as a client’s friend
  • Appointing VIP managers in the regions
  • Scaling up the “Courier Delivery” service throughout Ukraine