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The Importance of Partnerships in CSR Projects

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The Importance of Partnerships in CSR Projects

Parimatch Foundation’s Chairwoman Katerina Belorusskaya explains how taking a collaborative approach is key to delivering successful CSR projects.

Giving back to society has been part of Parimatch’s DNA since the business was founded 25 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that the company’s CSR initiatives were formalised with the launch of Parimatch Foundation, and we haven’t looked back since. Parimatch Foundation has helped us to channel our CSR activities more effectively, meaning that we can deliver long term projects which really make a big impact on the ground in the communities where we operate.

It is no secret that CSR programmes aimed at ensuring the healthy development of children’s bodies and minds have a positive impact on both the economic and social wellbeing of society. It is for this reason that the Foundation’s main goal for 2020 is to unite business, government and the public sector to come together and use the power of sport to help children in need.

For example, in Ukraine, we are teaming up with the Ministry of Education, the Department of Sport, and several sporting federations to launch an educational platform for physical education teachers in schools across the country. The platform will give P.E teachers access to the latest innovative teaching tools and methods, helping children to engage with sport in new ways.

We also have plans to work closely with parents, encouraging them to share in sporting moments with their children, whether that be a simple game of basketball in the backyard, or a trip to see the national football team play.

By empowering teachers to deliver lessons which are interesting and above all fun, coupled with inspiring parents to spend time with their family in a sporting environment, we hope that children will realise the positive impact sport and exercise can have on their everyday life.

Projects like this would not be possible without taking a collaborative approach to working with external partners. When it comes to CSR, the more people or organisations you can coalesce around a common goal, the bigger and better the impact will be on communities who need help the most.

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