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To win over esports fans, Authenticity is key

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To win over esports fans, Authenticity is key

Nowadays, esports is moving out of the sidelines and into the mainstream. Its popularity is growing rapidly, in such a way that it may overtake more conventional sports. This means the marketing value of esports is huge.

By supporting esports teams, brands get direct access to a large and engaged audience, mostly comprising the millennial generation. However, as the market is not yet fully mature, it does not require large investments in marketing when compared to more traditional sports like football or hockey.

Yet, you still do not see many large corporations sponsoring esports teams, unlike betting companies, which have been quick to show interest in the field. In fact, betting companies were the first to identify the opportunity to place their logos with esports teams.

Bookmakers were the first to sponsor esports, but big guys will come too, such as Nike, Coca Cola, and Pepsi. Sponsorship will become more expensive. It will be like a mature field.

You have to have a team in your company who's obsessed with esports, then they will build an esports focused culture within the business. This culture will be broadcast to the players. Esports lovers sense inauthenticity. If you are fake, they won’t play with you. In this business, it is necessary to be honest and sincere

said Sergey Portnov, CEO of Parimatch

When it comes to sponsorship, is it enough to just have a logo on the t-shirt of an esports team? According to Portnov, this is a very primitive form of promotion and it has little value. In order to attract players having the logo is not enough, instead, it is necessary to cultivate the spirit of esports within the business.

Parimatch’s leadership recognized the commercial opportunities in esports and built a new department to focus specifically on developing their own esports marketing and product offers.

Parimatch is actively developing an esports focus to its activities. Parimatch Holding partners with many esports events, including the Forge of Masters CS: GO tournament from WePlay, which has its own Dota2 League from the organizers of Epic Events and Ruhub studio.

In addition, Parimatch partners with, the legendary esports team. This not only increases brand loyalty, and attracts new customers, but builds recognition amongst partners.

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