Chief Business Delivery Officer

Chief Business Delivery Officer

Full time
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We are a highly successful Company with great ambitions. We operate in a very competitive market so every day we are looking for opportunities to be better. To be faster. Even faster. Never stand aside and never afraid to try. Having a lot of ideas we are very open to fresh ones. Equally important, we have the resources to bring these into motion.

We invite those who fired up to:

  • Full analysis and understanding of the tasks and features delivery process in every business stream. Optimization and upgrade of all these processes;
  • Full analysis and understanding of cross-stream tasks and features. Building the whole process of these tasks/features delivery from scratch;
  • Refresh and develop business communication process between Holding and all regions/countries in order to completely optimize and update delivery process for stream and cross-stream features and tasks;
  • Develop the process of setting company business goals for every stream;
  • Synchronize all the goals between streams, with regions, and with stakeholders (co-CEO + board of directors);
  • Develop the process of monitoring and controlling goals delivery, be able to provide a short and clear status update for every business goal, stream goal, the cross-stream goal in a clear and short format, suitable for every stakeholder;
  • Synchronization and orchestration operation process of business goals delivery between all possible units/stream/departments in the company including but not limited to Revenue department and Technology department;
  • Become a mentor and expert lead for all project managers in every stream. Develop most effective cooperation process between project managers in order to optimize the delivery process;
  • If required and needed, modify and change the Company’s structure based on your (CBDO) requests and arguments to optimize the business growth speed.

Essential professional experience:

We expect a clear understanding of the business goals and strategy and improve delivery/prioritization/communication and all other processes in a way to optimize the speed and quality of business goals delivery. As a part of this expectation:

  • Take an active part in challenging all tasks, features, goals that company/stream/department is planning to do in order to concentrate on what is really important for the business and use managers’ and technical resources in the most effective way;
  • Have permission to stop/postpone/re-setup any tasks/feature/goal at any time within the business cycle;
  • Report to your lead about a person, team, stream, department that is not effective and slows the overall process of business performance. Based on your arguments high-level decisions can be made related to hiring or dismissing exact people or even re-structuring the whole stream/department;
  • Take an active part in the Company’s operation board together with: co-CEO, Chief Revenue Officer, VP of Technology, and CEOs of different regions.
  • Be responsible for the Company’s business goals delivery and achieving company strategy.

We care of your:


  • Medical insurance/Sport compensation;
  • Sport club participation (football, running, basketball or swimming clubs);
  • 100% paid sick leaves;
  • 20 working days of paid vacation.


  • Competitive salary and сonstant encouragement for your efforts and contribution;
  • Bonuses according to company’s policy;
  • Welfare (financial support in critical situation);
  • Gifts for significant life events (marriage, childbirth).

Personal and professional growth

  • Individual annual training budget with an opportunity to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops etc.;
  • Free corporate library;
  • Opportunity to visit our non-stop internal meetups: open talks, IT Pump, etc. as a participant or a speaker and exchange knowledge;
  • A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other.

Leisure time

  • Corporate parties and events (Pub Quiz, Carquest, etc.);
  • PM Foundation activities (social responsibility events);
  • Weekly events aimed at culture, arts, soft skills development.

Our benefits


  • Medical Insurance
  • Lunch in office
  • Gym
  • PM Loyalty *optional


  • Annual Salary Review
  • Regular bonuses
  • Emergency financial aid

Talent development

  • External training compensation
  • Learning events
  • Hackathons
  • Corporate university
Talent development


  • WFH (Remote work), coworking spaces
  • Additional 2 days for family events
  • Maternity / Paternity leave
  • PM Sports Clubs
  • PM Foundation activities (volunteer program)
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