Middle Python Developer for FairPlay Team

Middle Python Developer for FairPlay Team

Full time
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Our product is a fraud-detection platform, specially designed for the betting business.

We started 2 years ago with a team created from scratch, dedicated processes, and a technology stack. Currently, we process, store and analyze over a billion events per day using ML and graph algorithms in real-time. We are going to reach two billion events during six to nine months adding more and more detailed data sources.

Unlike the majority of fraud-detection products available on the market, we are not wasting time on no-code/low-code and other marketing staff, focusing on our algorithms and business results instead.

You will have a direct impact on:

  • High-load system;
  • ML/AI;
  • Real-time prediction;
  • Fraud detection system.

We invite those who fired up to:

  • Work directly with data scientists helping them to deploy real-time algorithms and meet latency and throughput requirements, create services, that provide real-time feature calculation, caching, precalculation, etc;
  • Optimize and improve core system modules;
  • Develop and optimize the historical data warehouse and internal tools for models training and validation;
  • Participate in project architecture and design creation, code review, CI/CD;
  • Test new approaches by creating PoC, performing benchmarks;
  • Ad-hoc project’s tasks according to business needs.

Essential professional experience:

  • Strong knowledge of Python 3, including asyncio;
  • ​Software Design knowledge: OOD, OOP, Design patterns, Microservices;
  • ​Experience in building distributed systems based on services;
  • ​Experience with 10K+ TPS services, SQL databases with more than a billion rows;
  • Knowledge of both SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL is preferred), including core concepts of database engines (B-Tree, locks, MVCC, write-ahead logging, partitioning, sharding, columnar storage);
  • ​Desire to write algorithms with both O(1) time and memory complexity;
  • ​Experience with message queues;
  • Experience with applications performance tuning;
  • Experience with containers and understanding of principles of building fault-tolerant container-based systems;
  • High level of personal responsibility, readiness to commit to projects instead of tasks;
  • Technical English;
  • Knowledge sharing abilities.

Desirable skills and personal features:

  • Programming contests achievements;
  • Experience in code review, CI/CD, automated testing;
  • Experience in product launching;
  • ​Experience in building/launching ML systems;
  • Experience with Kafka;
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes;
  • ​Experience with MSSQL.

We care of your:


  • Medical insurance/Sport compensation;
  • Sports club participation (football, running, basketball, or swimming clubs);
  • 100% paid sick leaves;
  • 20 working days of paid vacation.


  • Competitive salary and сonstant encouragement for your efforts and contribution;
  • Bonuses according to company’s policy;
  • Welfare (financial support in the critical situation);
  • Gifts for significant life events (marriage, childbirth).

Personal and professional growth

  • An individual annual training budget with an opportunity to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops, etc.;
  • Free corporate library;
  • Opportunity to visit our non-stop internal meetups: open talks, IT Pump, etc. as a participant or a speaker and exchange knowledge;
  • A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other.

Leisure time

  • Corporate parties and events (Pub Quiz, Carquest, etc.);
  • PM Foundation activities (social responsibility events);
  • Weekly events aimed at culture, arts, soft skills development.

Our benefits


  • Medical Insurance
  • Lunch in office
  • Gym
  • PM Loyalty *optional


  • Annual Salary Review
  • Regular bonuses
  • Emergency financial aid

Talent development

  • External training compensation
  • Learning events
  • Hackathons
  • Corporate university
Talent development


  • WFH (Remote work), coworking spaces
  • Additional 2 days for family events
  • Maternity / Paternity leave
  • PM Sports Clubs
  • PM Foundation activities (volunteer program)
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