Senior Front End Developer for Sport Stream

Senior Front End Developer for Sport Stream

PM Sport Stream
Full time
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We are a highly successful Company with great ambitions. We operate on a very competitive market so every day we are looking for opportunities to be better. To be faster. Even faster. Never stand aside and never afraid to try. Having a lot of ideas we are very open to fresh ones. Equally important, we have resources to bring these into motion.

We invite those who fired up to:

— Applications architecture design;
— Develop and maintain front end functionality;
— Build Web components specified by the UX team;
— Oversee and mentor front end engineers on the project;
— Participate in requirements gathering and validation;
— Identify and raise potential project risks to the team and help to alleviate those risk;
— Conduct code reviews and provide feedback and guidance to developers based on the code;
— Assign tasks to team members effectively;
— Help drive technology standards and best practices.

Essential professional experience:

— Work experience with commercial projects over 5 years;
— Excellent knowledge of JavaScript Core, ES6+, HTML5, CSS3, post-processors;
— Software Design experience: OOD, SoA, Design patterns, understanding functional programming approaches in JS;
— Experience in developing using React, Redux at least 3+ years;
— Proven experience in developing of rich user interfaces for desktop and mobile browsers;
— Proven experience using build tools (Gulp, Webpack);
— Experience in Unit Testing, end to end testing;
— Experience with WebSockets,, xhr-polling at least 2+ year;
— Experience with GIT, JIRA, various CI/CD systems, basic knowledge of UNIX-systems;
— Leadership, mentoring and managing team in Agile environment 1+ years.

Desirable skills and personal features:

— Experience in applying multi-branding concepts for single cross-platform product;
— Experience in developing micro-frontend architecture;
— Understanding of isomorphic technologies of JS apps;
— Experience with Protobuf, Immutable, Lodash, Storybook, CSS Modules, Sass, Jest, Enzyme,;
— Experience in building API on backend services(NodeJS, .NET);
— Experience of CI/CD processes implementation.

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