Senior Python Developer for FairPlay Team

Kyiv city
Full time
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Our product is a fraud-detection platform, specially designed for betting business. We started 1.5 years ago with a team created from scratch, dedicated processes and technology stack. Currently we process, store and analyze over half a billion events per day using ML, statistical, time-series and graph algorithms in real-time. Right now we process, store and analyze 500 million events per day and are going to reach two billion events in a 6-9 month horizon adding more and more detailed data sources. The heart of the project are streams, data from (these streams) should be gathered, cleaned, aggregated, transformed and prepared to be used by algorithms and end-users. Unlike the majority of fraud-detection products available on the market, we are not wasting time on no-code/low-code and other marketing staff, focusing on our algorithms and business results instead. The platform provides opportunities to work with both historical and real-time data. As platform main use cases reasonable to mention: making data analysis, preparing datasets for training ML-models, providing an environment for real-time execution of these models and generating output streams with real-time data changes. End-users rely on data quality and stable work, expecting fail tolerance 24/7.

You will have a direct impact on:

  • High-load system;
  • ML/AI;
  • Real-time prediction;
  • Fraud detection system.

We invite those who fired up to:

  • Work directly with data scientists helping them to deploy real-time algorithms and meet latency and throughput requirements, create services, that provide real-time feature calculation, caching, precalculation etc;
  • Optimize and improve of core system modules;
  • Develop and optimize of the historical data warehouse and internal tools for models training and validation;
  • Participate in project architecture and design creation, code review, CI/CD;
  • Test new approaches by creating PoC, performing benchmarks;
  • Ad-hoc project’s tasks according to business needs.

Essential professional experience:

  • Strong knowledge of Python 3, including asyncio;
  • Software Design knowledge: OOD, OOP, Design patterns, Microservices;
  • Experience in building distributed systems based on services;
  • Experience with 10K+ TPS services, SQL databases with more than billion rows;
  • Knowledge of both SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL is preferred), including core concepts of database engines (B-Tree, locks, MVCC, write-ahead logging, partitioning, sharding, columnar storage);
  • Desire to write algorithms with both O(1) time and memory complexity;
  • Experience with message queues;
  • Experience with applications performance tuning;
  • Experience with containers and understanding of principles of building fault-tolerant container-based systems;
  • High level of personal responsibility, readiness to commit on projects instead of tasks;
  • Technical English;
  • Knowledge sharing abilities.

Desirable skills and personal features:

  • Programming contests achievements;
  • Experience in code review, CI/CD, automated testing;
  • Experience in product launching;
  • Experience in building/launching ML systems;
  • Experience with Kafka;
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes;
  • Experience with MSSQL.

We care of your:


  • Medical insurance/Sport compensation;
  • Sport club participation (football, running, basketball or swimming clubs);
  • 100% paid sick leaves;
  • 20 working days of paid vacation.


  • Competitive salary and сonstant encouragement for your efforts and contribution;
  • Bonuses according to company’s policy;
  • Welfare (financial support in critical situations);
  • Gifts for significant life events (marriage, childbirth).

Personal and professional growth

  • Individual annual training budget with an opportunity to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops, etc.;
  • Free corporate library;
  • Opportunity to visit our non-stop internal meetups: open talks, IT Pump, etc. as a participant or a speaker and exchange knowledge;
  • A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other.

Leisure time

  • Corporate parties and events (Pub Quiz, Carquest, bowling championships, etc.);
  • PM Foundation activities (social responsibility events);
  • Weekly events aimed at culture, arts, soft skills development.
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