Solution Architect for Payment Antifraud

Solution Architect for Payment Antifraud

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We are a highly successful Company with great ambitions. We operate on a very competitive market so every day we are looking for opportunities to be better. To be faster. Even faster. Never stand aside and never afraid to try. Having a lot of ideas we are very open to fresh ones. Equally important, we have resources to bring these into motion.

We invite those who fired up to:

— Identify, evaluate, and develop concepts for IT solutions by providing technical expertise and oversight of the development of prototypes and proofs of concepts;
— Analyze business scenarios and find opportunities for innovative solutions and improvements;
— Design and develop system that is efficient and meet business requirements;
— Solution Architecture documentation support;
— Collaborate with the technical team (Product Managers, Lead Developer, Developers/Software Engineers, Testers) and provide oversight for the technical development of solutions including systems configuration as required;
— Work closely with other Tech Leads as well as with other IT functions and external partners;
— Take responsibility that solutions are architecturally consistent, high-performance, real time scoring and flexible with all relevant IT and business standards, such as reuse of technologies and solutions, and simplicity and usability.

Essential professional experience:

— 7+ years of software systems design and development in a major, global organization with a minimum 2+ years as software architect, build and ship highly scalable systems, libraries, and frameworks;
— At least 3+ years of proficiency with functional programming using Scala/Go;
— Excellent understanding and knowledge of system design patterns using a formal architecture framework methodology;
— Experience with Distributed, High-Performance Systems with real time scoring system designs and architectures, and ideally have worked in development of those systems;
— Experience in AWS Cloud computing including security and application development concepts;
— Strong Unit Testing Experience (prefer Scalatest/Spec2/ScalaCheck);
— Strong Java Background, Expert Level Design & Development;
— Familiar with container technologies: Kubernetes, Helm + operators, Docker;
— Familiar with monitoring and logging tools: Kibana, Grafana, ELK, Prometheus;
— Experience at working collaboratively across platforms, relational databases and data architecture and API integration technologies;
— Experience with Kafka or similar data streaming software;
— In-depth knowledge of the software development process and of software design methodologies.

Desirable skills and personal features:

— Experience in the betting/payments industry and experience with lean-agile framework;
— Familiar with non-relational databases;
— Good communication and negotiation skills;
— Long term and strategic thinking without losing the actual needs;
— Teamwork and fast integration into bigger teams.

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